Second OUSL-FDEF Law Talk

Chamber Music, Atonal: How the Structure of the CJEU Affects the Jurisprudence on the Free Movement of Goods

Professor Stefan Enchelmaier (Lincoln College, Oxford) presented his recent paper ‘Chamber Music, Atonal: How the Structure of the CJEU Affects the Jurisprudence on the Free Movement of Goods’. In his paper and presentation, Professor Enchelmaier illuminates the composition and structure of the CJEU and considers some of the shortcomings in the case law of the Court on the free movement of good. In particular, he highlights the lack of discursive reasoning and uncertainty as to what constitutes a restriction of free movement. One of his claims was that this could be explained as a consequence of the peculiar structure and operation of the Court. A fruitful discussion with academics, CJEU members, and practitioners, including several OUSL members, followed the presentation. We thank the FDEF Law Faculty for another successful joint event, particularly Professor Herwig Hofmann and Dr Felix Pflücke.

Thomas Reyntjes (OUSL member), Dr Felix Pflücke (OUSL member, co-organiser), Dr Susana Munoz (FDEF Law, co-organiser), Katia Volodine (OUSL member), Professor Stefan Enchelmaier (Oxford University, speaker), Professor Herwig Hofmann (OUSL member, co-organiser)