Joint Law Seminar: 60 Years of Free Movement of Goods Litigation’ (1961-2021)

On November 10th, we had a joint event with the University of Luxembourg Law Faculty, organised by two of our members, Professor Herwig Hofmann and Dr Felix Pflücke. Professor Jan Zglinski, LSE Assistant Professor and Research Fellow of the Oxford Law Faculty Institute of European Comparative Law, presented his interdisciplinary paper ‘60 Years of Free Movement of Goods Litigation’. His empirical paper examined all of the Court of Justice free movement of goods cases and highlighted developments which will make a big splash in the field of EU Law. 

The talk followed a lively Q&A and discussion, providing additional food for thought. We thank the organisers and the University of Luxembourg for this joint event.

Dr Jan Könighaus (OUSL Vice-Chairman), Professor Herwig Hofmann (Dean of the Luxembourg Law Faculty, OUSL Member), Dr Felix Pflücke (Senior Researcher at the Luxembourg Law Faculty, OUSL Member), Professor Jan Zglinski (LSE/Oxford), and Dr Susana Muñoz (Maître-assistant in European Law at the Luxembourg Law Faculty)