Past Events

Event with Sumo

This event, on June 1st, was not about Japanese wrestling, but on an Street Art. The guest speakers were the renowned artist SUMO, and Luxair CEO Gilles Feith. They presented and discussed themes around art and its role in the modern corporation. After the talk there was a cocktail where the people exchanged ideas and discussed the topics further.

LIST visit

On March 8th we visited the Environmental Research & Innovation (ERIN) department at LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) in Esch/Belval, where representatives of different research groups presented their activities to us. The ERIN department develops strategies, technologies and tools to better monitor, assess, use and safeguard natural and renewable resources. The research presented to us in the areas of climate, environment, biodiversity and human health – as we were soon to realise – is highly relevant to our lives. Meeting with the organisers of the visit and the direct exchange with the representatives of the research teams was an enriching experience. The visit was highly instructive and in many ways an eye opener to us.

The LIST visit was then followed by a dinner at the splendid premises of the restaurant “Maison Lefèvre” in Esch/Alzette. The three course menu was a real treat for our taste buds and the conviviality of the place contributed beautifully to the exquisite culinary experience. In high spirits and full of wonderful impressions we happily returned back home.

Second OUSL-FDEF Law Talk

Chamber Music, Atonal: How the Structure of the CJEU Affects the Jurisprudence on the Free Movement of Goods

Professor Stefan Enchelmaier (Lincoln College, Oxford) presented his recent paper ‘Chamber Music, Atonal: How the Structure of the CJEU Affects the Jurisprudence on the Free Movement of Goods’. In his paper and presentation, Professor Enchelmaier illuminates the composition and structure of the CJEU and considers some of the shortcomings in the case law of the Court on the free movement of good. In particular, he highlights the lack of discursive reasoning and uncertainty as to what constitutes a restriction of free movement. One of his claims was that this could be explained as a consequence of the peculiar structure and operation of the Court. A fruitful discussion with academics, CJEU members, and practitioners, including several OUSL members, followed the presentation. We thank the FDEF Law Faculty for another successful joint event, particularly Professor Herwig Hofmann and Dr Felix Pflücke.

Thomas Reyntjes (OUSL member), Dr Felix Pflücke (OUSL member, co-organiser), Dr Susana Munoz (FDEF Law, co-organiser), Katia Volodine (OUSL member), Professor Stefan Enchelmaier (Oxford University, speaker), Professor Herwig Hofmann (OUSL member, co-organiser)

Joint Law Seminar: 60 Years of Free Movement of Goods Litigation’ (1961-2021)

On November 10th, we had a joint event with the University of Luxembourg Law Faculty, organised by two of our members, Professor Herwig Hofmann and Dr Felix Pflücke. Professor Jan Zglinski, LSE Assistant Professor and Research Fellow of the Oxford Law Faculty Institute of European Comparative Law, presented his interdisciplinary paper ‘60 Years of Free Movement of Goods Litigation’. His empirical paper examined all of the Court of Justice free movement of goods cases and highlighted developments which will make a big splash in the field of EU Law. 

The talk followed a lively Q&A and discussion, providing additional food for thought. We thank the organisers and the University of Luxembourg for this joint event.

Dr Jan Könighaus (OUSL Vice-Chairman), Professor Herwig Hofmann (Dean of the Luxembourg Law Faculty, OUSL Member), Dr Felix Pflücke (Senior Researcher at the Luxembourg Law Faculty, OUSL Member), Professor Jan Zglinski (LSE/Oxford), and Dr Susana Muñoz (Maître-assistant in European Law at the Luxembourg Law Faculty)

Notes from Oxford

Last September 16th, only days after the Fresher’s dinner, committee vice-chair David Clark attended the Meeting Minds Weekend in Oxford and prepared a report on the news and highlights.

One of these was a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, Dame Louise Richardson, who is completing her term at the end of the year. She has been a tremendous Vice-Chancellor and has taken Oxford to the top of the rankings consistently. On the 18th September the Times published their worldwide ranking of universities placing Oxford as no 1!

Please read David’s report, with notes Research, Brexit, admissions (EU admissions down by more than 50%), post-graduate studies, and Woke vs. the Cecil Rhodes a.o.

We congratulate the University with it’s no. 1 position and thank David for his interesting report.

Fresher’s Dinner

Last September 13th we had our annual fresher’s dinner. Enjoying drinks and a wonderful Mezze dinner at Chiche!, we got to know four freshers soon heading to Oxford, to start their studies. The exchange of stories, tips and ideas was so engaging that once again we forgot to make any pictures!

The dinner is traditionally attended by committee members, and invite, appart from the freshers, practice interviewers, and current students. So we look forward to seeing the current freshers again next year to get to know their successors in 2023.

CHICHE!, Luxembourg - Menu, Prix & Restaurant Avis - Tripadvisor

Annual Cricket-Picnic-Pimms-BBQ-Croquet event

One of the highlights of the year was the annual Cricket-Picnic-Pimms-BBQ-Croquet event (for lack of a better name) together with the Cambridge Society at the Schuman Farm and Oval. The event was once again a great success.

Our host-criquet coach Adrian Wykes had invited the Trois Frontières Cricket Team, to teach and coach Oxford and Cambridge participants and the tricks and rules of the game of wickets, stumps, runs and overs.

Similar to last year, the Pimms was prepared by Apricot Wilson, the BBQ by Steve Brabbs, and Fanny Dedenbach set up the croquet course. We thank them for once again making the event a very enjoyable get-together.

The feedback from the Oxonians left your webmaster regretting that he could not make it this year, courtesy of Covid, and looking forward to the 2023 edition.

A fuller account of the event can be found on the website of our friends from the Cambridge Society: