Third OUSL-FDEF Law Talk

Harmonisation of the Rules on Third State Defendants in EU Courts

On 5 October 2023, we organised an event together with the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance (FDEF) , hosting Dr Johannes Ungerer, Erich Brost Lecturer in German Law and European Union Law at the University of Oxford. The event delved into the complex issue of litigating third state defendants in EU Member State courts. Dr. Ungerer examined arguments for and against extending the EU Regulation’s provisions to third state defendants. He took a cautious approach, suggesting that such an extension might favour third states over the EU and its Member States.

The event, organised by our member Dr. Felix Pflücke, facilitated engaging discussions and provided valuable insights into the legal complexities surrounding third state defendants in EU Courts. We thank Dr. Johannes Ungerer and the University of Luxembourg for their contributions to this academic discourse.