Annual black-tie dinner

With Professor Dr. Jens Kreisel, rector of the University of Luxembourg

On November 7th we had our annual black tie dinner, this year at Cercle Münster. We invited Dr. Jens Kreisel, rector of the University of Luxembourg, who informed us about “The University of Luxembourg – its vision, and the superpower of interdisciplinarity and partnerships”. Dr. Kreisel gave an animated overview of the young university’s impressive achievements so far and its goals for the future.

We learned that the university aims to focus of interdisciplinary research by connecting academics from different backgrounds, to widen the frontiers of knowledge. The university also aims to strengthen its partnerships with other universities, among others our alma mater.

The evening was filled with engaging conversation, wonderful food in a most enjoyable ambiance . Heartfelt thanks to Mette and Jan who had excellently organised this event.