LIST visit

On March 8th we visited the Environmental Research & Innovation (ERIN) department at LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) in Esch/Belval, where representatives of different research groups presented their activities to us. The ERIN department develops strategies, technologies and tools to better monitor, assess, use and safeguard natural and renewable resources. The research presented to us in the areas of climate, environment, biodiversity and human health – as we were soon to realise – is highly relevant to our lives. Meeting with the organisers of the visit and the direct exchange with the representatives of the research teams was an enriching experience. The visit was highly instructive and in many ways an eye opener to us.

The LIST visit was then followed by a dinner at the splendid premises of the restaurant “Maison Lefèvre” in Esch/Alzette. The three course menu was a real treat for our taste buds and the conviviality of the place contributed beautifully to the exquisite culinary experience. In high spirits and full of wonderful impressions we happily returned back home.