Annual Cricket Picnic

On Saturday July 3rd we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the Schuman farm sipping pimm’s while catching up after a long time not seeing each other face-to-face.
After a lengthy picnic – barbecue we decided to have crocquet game on the lawn, rather than the traditional cricket, among others due to the lack of cricketers.
The crocquet game was a huge success, and we ended up playing with three teams simultaneously, each consisting of a changing number of members, the youngest being 3 years old.
We discovered crocquet to be a game of skill, strategy and teamwork.
The three teams battled for at least two hours, passing their balls through the hoops until finally, GĂ©rard Schockmel scored the winning shot by placing his team’s final ball against the peg.
We thank Adrian for his hospitality, Fanny for her professional Croquet Set, and the organisers for the pimm’s and other drinks.

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