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Membership: How to join

The OUSL is open to anyone who has studied at Oxford University. To become a member, please contact the Membership Secretary,
e-mail: membership “at” oxford “dot” lu (replace the “quoted” items by the appropriate symbols),
giving your college affiliation, years of attendance, subjects, current interests and contact details.
The annual subscription is €35,00, payable to the Society’s bank account at:
BCEELULL IBAN LU21 0019 1755 3010 3000

Payment by Standing Order

It would be very helpful if members could set up a standing order to pay their subscriptions. This would save them the trouble of making a virement and the OUSL the cost and trouble of reminding members about the subscription each year. For those with an internet banking service this can usually be done on-line. The details needed are:

  • Creditor: Oxford University Society of Luxembourg
  • Creditor’s bank BIC: BCEELULL
  • Creditor’s IBAN: LU21 0019 1755 3010 3000
  • Amount: €35
  • Frequency: annual
  • First payment: 14 January
  • Until: further notice.
  • Communication: OUSL subscription.

Alumni Networks

The Oxford University Society has an alumni network comprised of over 160 individual groups around the world, of which OUSL is one.
The University Alumni Web-site carries news of many different events and activities.

In addition to these regional groups there are also a number of subject-specific networks for Oxford alumni.

There is a new pan-India Oxford Alumni society in India. OUSL members who are visiting India and would like to make contact with Society members there can do so by contacting our Chairman or Secretary.

Alumni Newsletter

You can read the Alumni Newsletter on-line, or arrange to receive it as an e-mail

Oxford University News

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Have you changed your contact details?
Please inform the Membership Secretary so that our membership database is kept up-to-date and you continue to hear from us.


The Society's Statutes and Accounts

You can download the Society’s Statutes

Copies of the Society's recent accounts are available:
2010 with Budget 2011
2014 and 2015 Budget
2017 Treasurer’s Report and 2017 Accounts
2017 Chairman’s Report
2018 Chairman’s Report

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