12 February, 2020: Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was kindly hosted by OUSL member Francis Carpenter.
Following the reports of the chairman, treasurer and honorary auditor, the discharge of the old and election of the new committee, we enjoyed an engaging presentation of our host, entitled “Silk Roads and Spider Webs”, on the influence of China in the world economy. The discussion that followed was lively and continued during the drinks and hors d’oeuvres that followed.


We very much thank Francis and Sylvie Carpenter for their hospitality and the committee for closing another successful year of the OUSL.

1 October, 2019: Rentrée Event

Séline Delcourt accompanied by Isaac Troughton

At our yearly rentrée event more than 20 Oxonians and friends gathered at Cercle Munster for the traditional rentrée event of the OUSL after the summer break. Séline Delcourt (ChristChurch) who graduated this year, sang jazz songs of Edith Piaf, Amy Winehouse, etc., accompanied on the piano by Isaac Troughton (in his last year at Queen‘s). One of the many highlights of the evening was their performance of the chanson „Comme d‘habitude“ by Claude François, the French inspiration to Frank Sinatra‘s world-famous „My way“.

Over a walking dinner former and current students of Oxford University and their guests used the opportunity to meet and catch up with other Oxonians. The lively discussions were continued after the concert at the bar in smaller groups which ended an entertaining evening.